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What is cloud connectivity in remote access software?

A cloud connection is a little different. As the name suggests, a cloud connection is made through a cloud service. These connections are generally easier to manage and are more accessible. In the example above where an employee is using the hotel Wi-Fi, this type of connection is more suitable than direct connectivity.

Cloud connections require no administration and give control of a device or a computer from anywhere to anywhere through the cloud connection service.

There are two types of cloud connections. In the first type, the cloud service acts as the relay mechanism for data between the two devices, passing the data through the cloud service. However, this can degrade performance and does introduce another link in the security chain, creating another potential attack vector.

In the other type, the remote access software establishes what is called a “cloud-brokered” connection. The connection between the two devices is negotiated by the cloud service and once the connection is established, the cloud service steps back, allowing the two devices to communicate directly without data being relayed over the cloud.

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