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MYOB / ABSS Accounting Software

MYOB is now known as ABSS, is the best accounting software in SMEs in Singapore. It has all the features you need to manage your sales, purchases, payments and reports all in MYOB. Simple and very easy to use.


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MYOB / ABSS Accounting Key Features

MYOB Accounting

Accounts Module

Customise your chart of account in MYOB to analyse your business performance. Generate meaningful reports that will help you understand and grow your business.

Instantly generate Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, GST and Outstanding report in few clicks away.

Sales Module

Send your quotation and invoices to customers from MYOB with your company letterhead and terms. Update once in MYOB and you will be able to track and monitor the payment status. 


MYOB is also able to generate Statement of Account if your customer is on credit terms.

MYOB Sales
MYOB Purchase

Purchase Module

MYOB not just allows you to records your supplier invoices and payments, it also helps you track which supplier outstanding is due soon so you can maintain a good credit terms with your supplier and help manage your cash flow too.

Banking Module

Beside your usual trading customers and suppliers, you might want to record payments and deposit that are non-trade related in MYOB Banking module too.

Bank reconciliation feature is available to keep track unpresented payments and deposits too.

MYOB Banking
MYOB Inventory

Inventory Module

With the integrated inventory module in MYOB, you'll get the latest update of your inventory balance whenever you made a sales or purchases. See what is your committed orders and incoming stocks so you can prioritise your delivery.

Benefits in MYOB  / ABSS Accounting Software

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