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Chief Technology Officer as-a-Service (CTO as-a-Service)

One-stop platform to start your digitalisation journey

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What Is Chief Technology Officer as-a-Service (CTOaaS)?

An initiative launched by IMDA, CTOaaS will be the one-stop platform for SMEs to perform self-access on their digital readiness and digitalisation needs, search, compare digital solutions and also receive end-to-end digital consultancy support. This help SMEs save time and also make quicker progress in their digitalisation journey.

With CTOaaS, companies gain access to resources and expertise needed to embark on your digitalisation journey, suitable for:

  1. Companies that do not know where to start

  2. Companies that know what their business needs but not sure how

  3. Companies looking for specific solution e.g. accounting, payroll etc.

  4. Digital consultancy & project management advisory

Need Digital Solution?

Check My Digital Readiness

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Check My Business Needs

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Check Available Solutions

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Need Digital Consultancy?

For SMEs that need advise from digital consultants, you can enjoy 1st Digital Consultancy Services and 1st Project Management Support at no cost.

Eligibility Criteria

1. SMEs registered and operating in Singapore

2. At least 30% local shareholding

3. Company Group Annual Sales Turnover not more than $100 million per annum, or Group Employment Size not more than 200 employees; and

4. Has not used CTO-as-a-Service digital consultancy before

Start Your Digital Journey Today!

You may also submit your interest here to find out more about CTOaaS, our consultant will reach out to you and brief you more.

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