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SQL Account - Your Ideal Accounting Software

SQL Account is suitable for both small businesses and large organization in both on-premise and online accounting software. choose what’s best for the workflow of your accountant and bookkeepers.


Features for you & your team


Check out why more than 230,000 companies trusted SQL Account.

SQL Account enhances workplace performance, reduces human error, and maximizes profits through our stable, dependable, and developed software functionalities. Our system's wide range of functions includes data collection and analysis, accurate reporting formats, inventory maintenance, and GST processing. 

When you choose SQL Accounting software, you will also receive an abundance of online resources to support your journey in using this system. Regardless if it’s an on-premise or cloud accounting software, SQL Account is the best business and accounting software for your company.

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Create and send business grade looking invoices easily.

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Track profitability & money you're spending on projects.

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Purchase, track, manage expenses and make payment. 

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Know exactly how your business is performing with real-time update.

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Order, sell and track inventory with confidence.

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Multi Language supported e.g. English, Chinese, Malay & etc.

SQL Account is accredited by IRAS

SQL Accounting Software is approved and compliant with tax regulations from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).


What's more in SQL Account?

User friendly, unique and integrated business features to boost your productivity

Sales & Purchases

Partial Delivery

Delivery or received goods partially and examine level of pending orders.

Profit Estimator

Access to actual cost of the item to compute what your selling price should be. 

Multiple Pricing

Set and auto-assign different pricing for customers and suppliers.

Batch Email Statement

Email statement to all your customer with password encryptions in one simple click.


Multiple Warehouses

Track your inventory beyond the warehouse. Perform stock transfers between inter-branch, consignment, location & more.

Multiple UOM

Set your stock item with multiple units of measurement, like unit, box, carton and sell the same item in different packings.

Landing Cost

Add landing cost e.g. freight, insurance into item costing to give you the true cost of each item. 

Accurate Stock Costing

FIFO, weighted average, you can even backdate transactions and our system will automatically calculate the costing.


Flexible Reporting

Flexible Calendar year vs Financial year reporting. SQL Account also supports multiple project comparison.

Unlimited GL Sub-Account

Create unlimited sub accounts and financial reports. View it in a summarize format or by sub account details

Multiple Currency

Buy and sell from all over the world. Automate gain & loss calculation and compare local and foreign currencies.

Advanced Security Lock

Limit user access. Control what they can do and see e.g each salesperson can only access and look at own sales.

SQL Account is suitable for your business type




Professional Service





Interior Design



Freight Forwarders 

Paper Industries

Accounting Firm



High Tech


Property Management

Importer & Exporter


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