How to apply PSG Grant for MYOB?

And before that, what do you need to prepare?

1. CorpPass Logins

2. Latest unaudited financial statement / Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Report

3. Quotation from Apscom Solutions.

Once you have the above, you may proceed to the steps at below, it will take you around 30 minutes to complete your application.

Step 1: Visit Business Grants Portal at and click LOG IN

Step 2: Click on LOG IN and enter your CorpPass logins.

Step 3: Click Edit Company Profile in the Application tab.

Step 4:

Click Refresh ACRA Info to auto-extract your latest company information on ACRA.

You will then need to fill in your website (optional), employment size, brief description about the company and financial information for the latest FY.

Press Save once you have completed this.

Step 5:

Click My Grants (1) and then select Get New Grant (2).

Step 6:

Select your Business Sector or Industry.

Step 7:

Choose 2nd option: Upgrade key business areas, such as adopt technology.

Step 8:

Choose 1st option: Pre-scoped Productivity Solutions. Press Apply.

Scroll down the page to press Proceed.

Step 9:

Read thru the Eligibility, press Yes and Next if meet the criteria.

Step 10:

Provide the Main Contact Person details and also fill in the Director's information under Letter of Offer Addressee.

Step 11:

1. Select IT Solution.

2. Type apscom under the Search for solution you want. Choose your solution package from the list.

3. Fill in the required information for the rest of the page.

Step 12:

1. Select Direct Purchase.

2. Fill in the purchase price of the solution (item 1 & 2) at the 1st field, and the one-time implementation, training fees (item 3 & 4) at the 2nd field.

Step 13:

1. Explain how does this solution will benefit you and the company in the Overall Impact. (E.g. GST submission, debtor and creditor tracking, generating reports, invoicing, able to generate Business Templates (Invoices, Statement of Account, Purchase Order & etc.),less human error and able to automate accounting workflow. 

2. Give your No.1 task that will be more efficient with the new MYOB solution.

3. Rate how much more efficient in % will this task be.

Final Step:

1. Declare and acknowledge the PSG terms and Review for the last time. Once you have finish review, you may submit for your PSG application for MYOB.

That's all! You will need to wait for 3 - 6 weeks for the approval process.

Notification will sent via email if there is any updates :) 

Contact Sook Ying at +65 9720 6813 if you have any question on submission process.


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