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MYOB / ABSS Payroll Software

Simple payroll features to keep your business compliant & productive.

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Still using an older version MYOB / ABSS payoll?

As your business or organisation grows, managing your payroll can become very complex, very quickly. Not only do you have to deal with employees expecting their pays on time and error-free, but you also have more employer obligations, a myriad of tax rates, and endless paperwork to contend with.

MYOB / ABSS Payroll gives you the power to process even the most complex of payrolls, in just minutes.



Overview in MYOB / ABSS Payroll

    The MYOB / ABSS Payroll setup wizard quickly guides you through the process of setting up your payroll. By answering the plain-English questions, your payroll will be quickly and accurately setup. The Command Centre puts payroll at your fingertipsthrough a series of easy to follow graphic flowcharts. From the Command Centre, you can access any part of the payroll process in MYOB / ABSS Payroll.
    MYOB / ABSS Payroll gives you the flexibility and variety for you to manage multiple payroll frequencies and multiple rates of pay. It supports any combination of fortnightly and monthly pay periods with the flexibility of defining formulas for various payroll components. MYOB / ABSS Payroll tracks and manages your employee records, earnings and deductions.
    You can now email staff's payslip after completed the pay run process. Your staff will receive the payslip as a PDF attachment encrypted with password to ensure the security of all staff details.
    With access to over 50 flexible reports, MYOB / ABSS Payroll provides you the flexibility of selecting records to be printed in each report.You can view payslips, monthly reports on tax, earnings and deductions and also summary reports. You have the option to view reports on screen, send to printer or export them for use in spreadsheets, other databases or email.
    MYOB / ABSS Payroll AutoPay function enables easy crediting of salary and payment to statutory authorities via generation of a disk file. This ensures timely and accuracy of payment.
    Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS-API e-Submission) is now made compulsory by Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). * Please refer to IRAS website. Users can now submit their employment income information with just a few clicks!


Is ABSS the same as MYOB? 

Yes, ABSS is formerly known as MYOB South Asia - the popular accounting software used by SMEs in Singapore.


I'm interested, but can I have a product consultation if it's suitable for my business?

Yes, we can arrange for a free product consultation and brief SMEs the available features.

Can I create more than 1 company with the above MYOB / ABSS Payroll?

Yes, SMEs can create up to 5 companies.

Is MYOB / ABSS Payroll a desktop or cloud solution?

MYOB / ABSS is a desktop solution where you can install on your desktop or laptop to use it.

Do I need to pay for any monthly or yearly subscription for using MYOB / ABSS?

No, SMEs fully own the MYOB / ABSS license. If there is changes from CPF, you may purchase support cover to upgrade your software to remain compliant with the latest updates.

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