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Our ABSS / MYOB Remote Access Solution FAQ , Connect Your ABSS/MYOB through your own Cloud now!

Build a real Work From Home Solution enabled you to share ABSS/MYOB, files & folders and print to local printer.

Just set up our MYOC remote access solution with VPN into an existing PC laptop, employees at home are ready to connect to office PC / Server and work remotely. MYOC turns Windows into a WEB server that accessible with Web Browser.


It is not the same as Teamviewer. ServerLink is a remote desktop, multiple users can log in to the host concurrently without affecting the user's operation of the host.

Yes you can, MYOC supports Windows Professional 7, 8, 10 as hosts. It is also applicable for all versions of Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019.

Home-based computer uses a web browser to connect the main PC/ Server. It's like your ABSS/MYOB accounting software has become a WEB base application.

It depends on the setting. MYOC's "Application Control" allow you to assign authorized applications to employees based on their needs. For example, some people can open the accounting system, some only have Word / Excel, and some workers can use both Accounting & H/R and even search for Shared Files & Folders.

MYOC has a built-in universal printing function that allows remote users to simply print files to a local printer.

Yes. This is because the remote users require to access host PC/Server.

Don't worry, we use VPN connection. Only the authorized remote employees are able to connect with the host through VPN. The host is not exposed to the public network.

Your data is all in your hosting and you own 100% of your data. MYOC simply provides a remote link between your host and the employees that you allow to access the data. No cloud services are provided. This will be your "private cloud" server.

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