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Marketing with sensitivity during COVID-19

It is possible to market your business effectively during a crisis like COVID-19, but it takes careful consideration. Here’s what the experts have to say.

Whether you’ve temporarily had to close your doors, wind back operations or even if business is thriving, marketing through COVID-19 has its challenges. Messages need careful consideration, budgets are tight (or non-existent), and there’s the delicate matter of pushing products while millions are impacted by the global health and economic crisis.

But it is possible to market your business with sensitivity during the coronavirus pandemic. The marketing experts provide their advice on how it can – and should – be done.

They also explain why abandoning your marketing efforts during challenging times such as these may cause more pain down the track.

  1. Maintain your marketing now for customer loyalty tomorrow

  2. Know the distinction between profiting through and profiting from a crisis

  3. Pay attention to your messaging

  4. Show customers you care

  5. Look to online marketing solutions

  6. View criticism as an opportunity to improve

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