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5 things you can do instead of chasing up payments

What if we told you that you could save a minimum of 10 minutes a day chasing invoices? What could you do with that time?

Chasing invoices is one of the least pleasant parts of being a business owner. Not only does it involve awkward phone calls, but it can be a major time-sink.

Think about the process of chasing down an invoice. You need to:

  • Find and open the invoice – two minutes

  • Check if the invoice was sent out – one minute

  • Find the customer’s contact information – one minute

  • Have a super-awkward conversation with your customer about whether they paid the invoice – 10 minutes

Bear in mind that this is the process for just one customer. For every customer that you have, you’ll need to repeat the same process.

But what if you had something like MYOB Click To Pay which gets businesses paid in around 10 days*?

That’s three to four times faster than the Singaporean average.

With MYOB Click To Pay, customers can pay directly from the emailed electronic invoice – which means you get paid faster.

You can also see when a customer has opened an invoice. This can dramatically cut down the time you spend trying to figure out whether a customer has even seen an invoice.

The time you save by using a product like MYOB Click To Pay can lead to at least 10 minutes per day that you can spend doing anything you want.

How you use your time is up to you, but here are some suggestions.

Five totally worthwhile activities you can do instead of chasing invoices

1. You can make five bowls of two-minute noodles

2. You can get your boogie on with a mini disco…

3. …0r take a disco nap

4. Listen to Stairway to Heaven (once)

5. Watch cute cat videos on YouTube

* As at 4 April 2017, on average, businesses get paid in 10.25 days with MYOB Click To Pay

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