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AccountEdge for Mac v13 with powerful new features for SMEs in Asia.

Mac Operating System Compatibility

• MYOB AccountEdge for Mac v13 supports for latest Mac OS x 10.11 and 10.12

Track and Manage Leads

• Users can now create leads, convert lead to customers and track leads in AccountEdge v13. The different lead reports show the lead conversion time and more valuable information.

New Look and Feel

• The Sales & Purchase windows have been updated to streamline to important data entry screens. The screens are resizable for better work experience.

• Financial statements are redesigned for easier reference.

• The Bank Register lets users search by Card in order to see all bank transactions associated with a vendor, customer, etc

Better Financial Performance Analysis with 7 Years Data

• In MYOB AccountEdge v13, users can view 7 years financial data and perform year–over–year comparisons for clear financial trend analysis.

Effective Inventory Management with Serial Number and Warranty Tracking

• Users who handle stocks / inventory can track product serial numbers from time of purchase to sale, and warranty tracking through the serial number creation feature.

• Users can also create more details for items by categories (e.g sizes and colors, etc.,)

Easier Ways to Keep Clean and Organized

Data Users can now save time and have an optimized file size over time through the following:

• New Batch Delete feature helps users to remove unused card lists at one go.

• Duplicate items can now be combined by moving all item attributes and transactions into one item.

• Any void cheque transactions can now be marked as “void” for accurate reconciliation. Memo field captures the transaction information as reference.

• Users can now hide inactive Cards, Items, Retainers and Jobs List to have a cleaner data point

• Easily purge quotes and lead records that are no longer needed to have clean data of quotes & leads

• Multiple journal entry lines will be formatted to a consolidated line for better data optimization.

Updated Sales, Purchases and Time Billing Reports for Useful Business Data

Users can add more elds and lters to search or extract data from AccountEdge v13:

• Custom fields can be found in Card Summary, Card Detail Report, Bank Register, Sales Register and Purchases Registers.

• 3 new time billing reports Bill Rate Level Summary, Bill Rate Level Detail, and Card Detail will be useful for time billing management.

• Track Jobs or Categories to assign transactions to departments.

Capture and Track Valuable Data for Sales and Orders

• Attach reference documents and image files received from suppliers/customers for each transactions

• Newly added notes field, allows users to include more details or references to quotes, orders, or invoices about each sales and purchase transactions.

• New Change Orders feature allows users to make changes on order estimates and add track notes on why a change was made.

• Track and calculate sales person’s commissions based on sales transactions

• New Mileage tracking feature helps with vehicle depreciation value tabulation, reimburse mileage claims, or bill for miles driven.

Easy User Management for Multi User Environment

Administrator users can now view active users in a company file and force log them out if required e.g during financial year closing or to turn of File Connect. (applicable to AccountEdge Network Edition)

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