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Is Your MYOB / ABSS Version Affected by Sunset Policy?

What is the MYOB product Sunset Policy?

A Sunset Policy is implemented by an organisation whereby the obselete products are being replaced with new innovative products. The main drivers of sunset policy are technological changes, for example an upgrade in windows platform resulting in a current software version being unable operate or stay compliant. Older versions of the MYOB software will no longer be supported in singapore by existing consultants of ABSS technical team and independent certified consultants.

When will the sunset policy take effect?

The MYOB sunset policy will take effect from 1 January 2019

What are the products and versions that will be affected and will no longer be supported?

MYOB Premier- Version 19 and below

MYOB Accounting- Version 24 and below

MYOB Payroll-Version 8 and below

What are the services in relation to the software versions that will not be supported?

Recovery and repair of MYOB database files in the event of a corruptionIncrease in the number of User licencesIncrease in the number of Data FilesReset the administrator password for each data fileTechnical support issues and queries in relation to the above products and versions.

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