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Uniconta Webportal

Uniconta WebPortal

Uniconta WebPortal is perfect for directors who need to have a constant overview of their company’s performance.

Uniconta WebPortal is also the ideal solution for vendors who need to enter orders, scan in physical attachments and follow the progress of each sale.

Inquiries and attachments

Uniconta WebPortal allows you to create sales orders, purchase orders, financial accounts, debtors and creditors and last but not least, to take photos and scan in attachments directly to Uniconta’s inbox.

Handling attachments

When you open the Uniconta WebPortal on your mobile phone or tablet you can quickly and easily take a photo of and upload your attachments right into Uniconta’s inbox.

You can add the amount, attachment type, currency, creditor account as well as any comments, making it easy to complete the bookkeeping in Uniconta. Since all attachments are now safely on the server, you can retrieve them at any time and ensure that they are properly recorded.

Monitor your business online

Uniconta WebPortal provides an online snapshot of the company’s balance sheet, outstanding debtors and creditors due, so you can rest assured that you have a constant overview of your company.

Create sales orders

Uniconta WebPortal is an ideal solution for sales representatives out in the field. Your sales reps can create new sales orders at lightning speed as well as monitor total revenue from customers, outstanding balances and other developments. Everything is updated online, so the bookkeeping is up- to-date too.

Create purchase orders

Uniconta WebPortal is also the ideal solution for procurement officers who need to have an overview at all times.

Your procurement officers can view existing purchases, create new purchase orders and keep track of any outstanding issues with the supplier.

View outstanding balances

Outstanding supplier balances are constantly updated in the WebPortal, regardless of whether orders and purchases are entered in Uniconta and/or the Uniconta WebPortal.

Create new debtors and creditors

If the company has new customer or a new supplier, they can of course be set up in Uniconta. This is done online, after which sales and purchases can be made to customers and from suppliers right away.

Fully integrated with Uniconta

Everything that is done in the Uniconta WebPortal is automatically updated in Uniconta. It’s the same system, it’s in the cloud and there’s no time lag. So you always know that everything is correct and up to date.



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