Get to work wherever you are

With MYOC , mind your own cloud, you can

How It Work
Install MYOC on your desktop

Install MYOC on any Windows computer to enable remote access.

Connect From Another Device
Work Anywhere

On your other PC/Tablet download Microsoft remote desktop to access your computer.

Access your files, applications and printing as if you were sitting right in front of your computer. It’s really that simple.

Pick your location to print documents

What good is being able to use your computer remotely if you need to print it remotely too? No worries. Whether you need to print at the office, home or wherever you are located, with MYOC remote access, you can pick to print to either the remote location or your current location.

Cost Saving

Cost saving potential in licensing because it is very cost effective compared to traditional server based computing solutions and even more cost effective compared with traditional client/server installations. License price is as per quoted in 3 users licenses &above for one time payment. 

Easy To Maintain

Easier to maintain as it is hosted on a desktop PC with standard Windows operating system instead of Windows Server operating system which is more complex to managed and requires a person with in depth technical skills.


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