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With the advancement of technology, our life has been greatly influenced by the presence of computer. With the emergence of computerized accounting information system, book-keeping activity for any business has totally changed. Many companies have come up with accounting softwares that can help with the accounting requirements of a business. At Apscom Solutions, we provide solution for all your accounting needs of the business.

Apscom Solution is partnered with MYOB(Mind Your Own Business), an Australian multinational company with more than 20 years of experience in providing tax and accounting services to small and medium size businesses. Apscom Solution started its journey by providing support to the clients of MYOB. MYOB has the expertise in this area. The top team members in Apscom were closely associated with MYOB. 

Apscom in partnership with offers a series of products and services for its customers. MYOB products such as Premier, Premier Plus, Accounting, Payroll and Account Edge for both Windows and Mac version are one stop solution for all your business needs.Such products are built for simplicity to help manage what you buy and sell to ensure inventory accuracy and efficient stock management. With this, you can easily Keep track of your business expenses to view exactly how much you have spent in each category as the months goes. 

These products are a replacement of excel sheets and it provides much easier ways to make quotations and send it to your business contacts. These products also keep track of all your taxes, which is very time consuming and complicated job, if done manually. These products are also built with operations management tools to keep track which jobs are profitable by assigning and monitoring every cost spend on the specific job.
 With each product, Apscom gives its customer ad-hoc facilities which include setup and installation for one company database, Design 4 templates, one-day on-site training with unlimited persons and business support one year for some products.

Apscom’s special consulting service is dedicated to the service of our customers. Our consultants will listen to your problems and provide you a proposal that is suitable and streamline your business process. After the confirmation, Apscon will conduct software implementation, as well as on-site training to make it easy to adopt the MYOB solution with just your fingertips. 

Apart from products and services, Apscom also provides classroom and on-site training to help you familiarize with the MYOB products. While the classroom training is cost-efficient with more group interaction and a dedicated time out of your work where you can only focus on your learning, the onsite training by Apscom is customized as per company needs. 

By the end of such courses, you will learn to operate MYOB like a professional. The newest addition to Apscom Solutions products is a SQL Accounting software and a cloud-based form of MYOB products-named as MYOC. MYOC allows you to access your files, application, and printing from any PC or tablet sitting anywhere in the world. In simple words, Apscom Solution comes with  MYOB products with every features that your business needs. 


Our passion is to help you transform your business with the best accounting software & solutions for your company with long-term improvement!





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