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Great businesses use JustLogin

We Help You Put All The Pieces Together

Our modules can operate individually, integrate with your existing systems,
or sync with other JustLogin components to streamline your HR systems.

For fully automated payroll


JustPayroll + JustLeave + JustClock

Leave deductions and overtime hours are automatically transferred into JustPayroll for pay calculations.

For seamless reimbursements

JustPayroll + JustExpense + JustBenefit

Approved expense and benefit claims are sent to JustPayroll for payment to your employees together with their salary.

For powerful time & attendance

JustLeave + JustClock

JustLeave calendars are synced with JustClock so that shift rosters, attendance records and work hour calculations are adjusted accordingly.


Our passion is to help you transform your business with the best accounting software & solutions for your company with long-term improvement!




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