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Deskera Cloud Accounting Software

Deskera is your all-in-one solution for invoicing and accounting. Get valuable insights into your customers. Identify critical trends quickly and take action on your sales.

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Are you still using an On-premises Offline Accounting software?

Deskera Features

Deskera Mobile is an always-on mobile application

designed for the needs of today’s workforce.

Free, Fast,



You can switch between Desktop and Mobile 

seamlessly with Deskera !!!

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All your information and reports


Deskera Mobile gives you all the key accounting functions you need to track your financial health easily and accurately at any time.

Empower your

Deskera Mobile gives your employees the freedom to manage their attendance and leave from wherever they are and do the claims wherever they want as well. 

Deskera Accounting Key Features

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Stop manual recording of your business transactions. Use the automated general journal accounting with Deskera, where every transaction is automatically mapped to your account.

With access to up-to-date business files and you could generate reports for an immediate overview of your transactions.


Sit back and let Deskera ERP handle the tedious process of all workflow, your business can focus on providing values for your clients.

Deskera Accounts Module

Deskera Sales Module

Send your quotation and invoices to customers from Deskera with your company letterhead and terms.E-invoicing (link to e-invoicing page) is the way to go if you ask us. You can simply edit it in the system and resend it to your customer if you need to do any amendment. 

Deskera will convert your quote into an invoice with just a few clicks and automatically recording it into your accounts receivable account. 

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Deskera Purchase Module


Deskera allows you to manage your orders in minutes and stay informed on your entire online purchase order process in one single view. 

Simply give it a few clicks and convert your purchase order into a bill. And, you are all set!

Deskera will help you keep track of where and what you’re spending on with our Deskera online billing management software.

Deskera Banking Module

Our Deskera bank connect feature allows you to securely link your bank account to Deskera Books. You can connect multiple accounts with multiple banks into Deskera. Don’t see your bank – you can always upload your bank statement for reconciliation.

Deskera support over 500+ banks across 120+ countries, connecting your bank account has never been more comprehensive. 

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Deskera Inventory Module

Deskera can help you track all your products, services, and warehouses all in one place.

Every product can be unique or the same, you decide what fields matter and what description you want for your products and services. You can create your own customize fields through Deskera. 

Benefits in Deskera Cloud Accounting Software

  • All-in-one solution for invoicing and accounting.

  • Complete Bank Integration.

  • Cloud-based accounting software.

  • Allow users to create unlimited companies.

  • E-invoices function ready.

  • Mobile applications available and designed for the needs of today’s workforce.

  • Let your employee use expenses claim through mobile app.

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